Working Group 8: General Application of MID and NAWID

Working Group 8 on 'General Application of MID and NAWID' is responsible for issues related to the general application of the Measuring Instrument Directive (MID) and the Non-Automatic Weighing Instrument Directive (NAWID).

The work also includes the establishment of guidance documents on:

  • application of conformity assessment modules
  • criteria for the appointment of notified bodies
  • operation of notified bodies  
  • horizontal aspects of Annex I of MID
  • measuring instrument categories in MID not covered by a specific WELMEC Working Group, e.g. capacity serving measures and exhaust gas analysers
  • the clarification on definitions of MID where differences appear between MID and OIML vocabularies

Issues related to market surveillance are within the responsibility of WELMEC Working Group 5 on Metrological Supervision and are excluded from the scope of WG 8. 

Representatives from WELMEC members, NoBoMet, OIML, the European Commission and industry organisations are participating in the work of the Working Group.

The following Terms of Reference have been adopted for WELMEC Working Group 8 during the 31st WELMEC Committee meeting:

General application of Measuring Instrument Directive (MID) and Non-Automatic Weighing Instrument Directive (NAWID), except market surveillance (scope of WG 5), in particular with a view to establishing guidance documents on:

  • conformity assessment modules
  • appointment (criteria) of notified bodies
  • operation of notified bodies.  

In addition, WG 8 will take into account:

  • horizontal aspects of annex I of MID
  • MID categories of measuring instruments not covered by a specific WELMEC working group
  • the definitions of MID and OIML (clarification where differences appear between MID and OIML vocabulary)


The here under specific aspects in relation with MID are not in the scope of WG 8, but are dealt with by the following WELMEC Working Groups:

  • WG 2: Weights and Weighing Instruments
  • WG 5: Metrological Supervision
  • WG 7: Software
  • WG 10: Measuring Equipment for Liquids Other Than Water
  • WG 11: Gas and Electricity Meters
  • WG 12: Taximeters

May 2015


Emeric Morel
Laboratoire national de métrologie et d'essais, LNE (France)

Deputy Convenor

Renée Hansson
SWEDAC (Sweden)

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