Contents from other providers

Linkage to external web pages has been prepared by WELMEC to the best of its knowledge.

As the content of internet pages is, however, dynamic and may change at any time, a continuous and individual examination of all contents to which reference is made by a link is not possible.

Therefore, WELMEC explicitly does not make the content of third-party internet pages to which links are provided its own. Liability for any damage resulting from the use or disuse of external contents lies exclusively with the provider of the web page to which reference has been made.

Own contents

Where the contents placed on these web pages contain recommendations or information, they have been prepared to the best of WELMEC’s knowledge and with the utmost diligence.

Contents from WELMEC members

Information displayed on the following pages is provided by the members of WELMEC e.V.: Country Information, Gravity Information, MID & NAWID Certificates. WELMEC is not responsible and cannot be held liable for the correctness of the information and the actuality of the data.

The following liability limitation applies to the information provided:
EURAMET is not liable for any damage which occurs due to the use or disuse of offered information.

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