Working Group 5: Metrological Supervision

WELMEC Working Group 5 is responsible for issues related to and the coordination of metrological supervision on measuring instruments newly placed on the market (market surveillance) and measuring instruments in use, as well as for issues related to units of measurement.

With regard to the market surveillance aspect, there is a close cooperation between the WG 5 and the representatives of the market surveillance authorities in the Administrative Cooperation group Measuring Instruments (AdCo MI) established by the European Commission. However, where the operational scope of the AdCo MI is limited to the measuring instruments under the directives 2014/32/EU (MID) and 2014/31/EU (NAWID), WG 5 can deal with the metrological supervision for all kinds of measuring instruments, including those resorting under national legislation.

Strong and effective metrological supervision plays a key role in providing trust in legal metrology and measurements for all its stakeholders, be it consumers, businesses in trade or industry, or governments. WG 5 aims to strengthen that confidence in three ways. First, by promoting an equivalent, effective and sufficient level of metrological supervision across Europe. A more coherent approach on market surveillance is essential to achieve more compliance and detect, identify and remove the non-compliant products from the market. Inspections on measuring instruments in use contribute to better consumer protection, as well as to fair trade. Second, by supporting cooperation between its members through joint actions and exchange of information, best practices and guidance. This cooperation helps the market surveillance authorities in the fight against non-compliant products and prevents that they could end up on markets with less strong and effective market surveillance. Members can tackle legal metrology problems together and work on solutions for challenging issues due to innovative changes for which sometimes no legislation is yet in place. And third, by giving a platform to representatives of consumer, trade and industry organisations, as well as the European Commission.

Listening and engaging in discussions to learn the needs and the issues in practice is crucial to prepare for the future and create a level playing field for economic operators and end users, as well as an equal level of consumer protection across Europe.

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The following Terms of Reference have been adopted for WELMEC Working Group 5:

  • Establish confidence of all stakeholders in legal metrology provisions, by supporting the co-operation between WELMEC Members, to promote equivalent, effective and sufficient levels of metrological supervision across the EU.
  • Promote and organise the exchange of information and guidance on metrological supervision matters, including market surveillance and field inspection, between WELMEC Members.
  • Provide the means for dialogue with representatives of consumers, trade, industry and the commission.

Further, this group is also recognised by the Commission as an ADCO group.

May 2015


Hermine van Rij
The Dutch Authority for Digital Infrastructure (RDI)

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