WELMEC e.V. Extraordinary Committee Meeting Highlights Achievements and Elects New Vice-chair

On October 25, 2023, WELMEC e.V. held an Extraordinary Committee Meeting during which progress made on proposals for the targeted technical amendments by the WELMEC Drafting Groups with feedback from the whole WELMEC community was reported. The meeting marked the successful conclusion of efforts by the WELMEC community.

Final proposals sent out to the European Commission can be read on the link. The presentation about the results of the poll, showing the level of support for the different proposals, can be found here.

The Convenor of the Ad-hoc Policy Working Group on Charging Infrastructure, Dr. Dirk Ratschko, has officially presented the outcomes of the working group. In recognition of their efforts, the Committee extends gratitude to Mr. Ratschko and all members of the Ad-hoc Policy Working Group, marking the conclusion of the group's activities.

Within the meeting's proceedings, a distinguished addition was made to the WELMEC team as Mr. Jan Deconinck, representing SPF Economie (Belgium), was elected as the new Vice-chair. His appointment is anticipated to infuse the organization with fresh expertise and extensive experience, and we are enthusiastic about the prospect of his contributions significantly benefiting WELMEC e.V.

The Executive Board and the Committee extend their heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated members of the WELMEC e.V. Drafting Groups for their exemplary work. We deeply appreciate the exceptional efforts put forth, especially within the constraints of a demanding deadline.

Furthermore, we extend our deep appreciation to Marc Wouters for his unwavering dedication and selfless service during his mandate as Vice-chair of WELMEC e.V. The gratitude and appreciation is extended to the Wilfried de Waal and Zijad Džemić for their selfless contributions to the work of WELMEC e.V. while being members of the Executive Board. We wish them all a lot of success in their further endeavors and career enhancements.

Many congratulations to the newly appointed Vice-Chair and we wish him a highly successful and productive term in his new role.


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