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Terms of Reference

Working Group 10

To consider and provide guidance on Directive 2014/32/EC (2004/22/EC) and the related normative documents or harmonised standards with regard to measuring systems for continuous and dynamic measurement of quantities of liquids other than water, to facilitate all aspects of implementation apart from inspection, enforcement and re-verification.

To consider and provide guidance on measuring instruments / systems falling outside of Directive 2014/32/EC (2004/22/EC), being covered by OIML International Recommendations:

  • R105 (all parts) “Direct mass flow measuring systems for quantities of liquids”,
  • R81 (all parts) “Dynamic measuring devices and systems for cryogenic liquids”,
  • R80 (all parts) “Road and rail tankers with level gauging”,
  • R139 (all parts) “Compressed gaseous fuel measuring systems for vehicles”, and/or “Compressed hydrogen fuel measuring systems for vehicles”.


(August 2014)