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Overview Working Groups

About WELMEC Working Groups

Working Groups (WGs) are established by the WELMEC Committee for the detailed discussion of issues of interest and concern to WELMEC Members and Associate Members.

The document "Guidelines for Working Groups" contains information about the organisation within a working group.
Guidelines for Working Groups

Nominated contact persons of Working Groups can access restricted pages after login. For any questions, please contact the WELMEC Secretariat.

Working Group DescriptionConvenor
Working Group 2 Directive ImplementationIvan Kriz
Working Group 5 Metrological SupervisionHermine van Rij
Working Group 6 PrepackagesMaria Loy
Working Group 7 SoftwareFlorian Thiel
Deputy Convenor: Ivana Lackova
Working Group 8 Measuring Instruments Directive

Thomas Lommatzsch
Deputy Convenor: Renée Hansson

Working Group 10  Measuring Equipment for liquids other than waterMarc Schmidt
Deputy Convenor: Gašper Vindišar
Working Group 11 Utility MetersKurt Rasmussen
Working Group 12 TaximetersPaul Kok
Working Group 13 Water and Heat MetersMiroslava Benkova

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