World Metrology Day 2023

Measurements supporting the global food system

<p>Celebrating World Metrology Day 2023</p>

On the 20th of May the World Metrology Day is celebrated.


This year marks 148 years since the Metre Convention was signed in Paris in 1875, which later founded the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM).

The theme for World Metrology Day 2023 is Measurements supporting the global food system, where current and future metrological challenges to guarantee availability and sustainability of food are in the focus.

Access to safe and sustainable food is of growing importance, as currently our food systems suffer under a variety of factors that threaten sufficient food supply and quality in the future, including climate change, environmental pollution, population growth and loss of biodiversity.

The European Union has decided under the European Green Deal to transform food systems, and several policy groups such as Food 2030 or Farm to Fork strategy were launched to aid this goal.

In addition to these initiatives, it is important that the underlying metrological network that is needed to develop and implement these innovations is expanded as well.


Innovations within the food industry are vital to limit threats against the global food system.

At EURAMET, related measurement challenges are addressed by Technical Committees, European Metrology Networks and collaborative research projects.

Jörn Stenger, EURAMET’s Chairperson, comments:

“Providing access to safe and sustainable food is a major global challenge. The metrology needs are in the focus of several EURAMET Technical Committees and European Metrology Networks (EMNs). In 2022 we have established an EMN for Safe and Sustainable Food which brings together metrology specialists and stakeholders to foster research regarding the food system and to further develop the quality infrastructure behind. Our European Partnership on Metrology - such as through the 2024 call on metrology for the Green Deal - provides funding opportunities for collaborative projects addressing urgent metrology needs, such as to build comprehensive capabilities for the provision of traceability to the SI.”

WELMEC is the European Cooperation in Legal Metrology and supports the efforts in developing novel metrological frameworks for the global food system by providing expertise in legal metrology.

Pavel Klenovský, WELMEC’s Chairperson, states:

“In times of global supply chains, shortages of food in some parts of the world and high inflation, correct measurements of quantities of foodstuffs are more important than ever.”


The World Metrology Day project is realised jointly by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) and the International Organisation of Legal Metrology (OIML). For a global overview on World Metrology Day activities and a joint message from the directors of the BIPM and the International Bureau of Legal Metrology (BIML), please visit the dedicated BIPM & OIML website.


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