UKCA Policy Measures

Important notice for manufacturers of measuring instruments

As expected, after leaving the EU, the UK worked on a new mark of conformity for products which have purpose to be placed on the Great Britain market (England, Wales, and Scotland). The new conformity mark has abbreviation UKCA which means UK Conformity Assessed. 

Although in force since 1 January 2021, the UK Government still allows manufacturers to affix the CE mark on the products, due the requirements that must be fulfilled in accordance with the new conformity mark. This possibility expires on 1 January 2023, for most products which have intention to be placed on UK market. 

To get acquainted with the guides for the application of the UKCA mark, the UK Government is organizing a webinar for stakeholders who wish to learn more, or have questions, specifically for businesses regarding these measures on June 29, 2022. They will be running two sessions on the day: 11.00 am (here) and 3.00pm (here). This is intended to help businesses understand the changes. 

For more information on subjected topic, visit the official website of the UK Government, or go directly on Using the UKCA marking and Placing manufactured goods on the market in GB

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