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Guide on the General and Administrative Aspects of the Voluntary System of Modular Evaluation of Measuring instruments 


May 2011, Issue 2ENDEESFRRS


This guide deals with the general and administrative aspects of the voluntary system of modular evaluation of measuring instruments under the Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments Directive (NAWID) and the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID). 

This guide is only intended for the evaluation of parts that can be subject to the voluntary system of modular evaluation of the measuring instrument and should not be abused as a guide for modular certification of the whole measuring instrument.  

Although the system of modular approach for measuring instruments is voluntary, it is intended that the procedures as described in this guide shall be followed if Certificates are issued under the scope of this guide. 

  • It is reminded that the issuing of an EC, PC, PER, ER for a part by another notified body doesn't prejudge full responsibility of the notified body responsible for the conformity assessment of the complete measuring instrument.  
  • It is also reminded that it is the manufacturer of the complete instrument who is responsible for designing and manufacturing the measuring instrument in conformity with the requirements. 
  • Even if modular evaluation is used, the manufacturer shall apply for a conformity assessment procedure for the complete measuring instrument. 
  • The part may bear the applicable CE marking according to Directives other than the MID or NAWID and after evaluation the EC or PC number, but it cannot bear the supplementary metrology marking and notified body number relating to the MID or the NAWID.  

The original guide dates from December 2008.  

The revision to version 2 of the guide in 2011 has been made to include non-automatic weighing instruments under the voluntary evaluation of parts and to extend the scope of the voluntary evaluation of parts to module D, F and G of the MID and the NAWID. 

The revision to version 3 in 2017 was made to implement the changes in the revised Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments Directive, 2014/31/EU (NAWID) and the revised Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU (MID) and to include a procedure with respect of a revision of an Evaluation or Part Certificate.

AUTHORED BY: Working Group 8

Unless otherwise stated, the English version of each publication should be taken as the official version.

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