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Guidance for Market Control on Prepackages For Competent Departments- 247Kb


January 2008, Issue 1



This guide is intended to cover market control of e-marked products. The guide may also be used for non-e-marked products that (based on national legislation) should comply with the same requirements.

This guide has been produced with a view to achieving a consistent level of market control in respect of e-marked pre-packages throughout the EU/EEA. Directives 76/211/EEC and 75/106/EEC, together with 80/232/EEC, constitute the legal basis for pre-packages sold by weight or volume in the EEA and Switzerland.

The guide is intended for those who prepare, organise and carry out market control functions, which is a type of metrological supervision that is directed to pre-packages, which are placed on the market, or are intended to be placed on the market, in order to ensure conformity of the products with the requirements.


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