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Guidance and Information on Units of Weight or Volume used on Prepackages



An indication of the nominal quantity of prepacked products is required by Directive 76/211/EEC  (hereafter referred to as ‘the Directive’). Prepackages must bear an indication of the weight or volume of the product, known as ‘nominal weight’ or ‘nominal volume’, which they are required to contain.  

The Directive does not refer to products sold by ‘number’ or in units of ‘length’ or ‘area’.

Currently, except for food, wines and spirits, European legislation does not provide specific requirements which relate to units of measurement to be used for particular groups of products; the legislation relates only to product consistency: liquid or non-liquid.

To solve any existing problems of interpretation or of marking semi-solid products, guidance on the interpretation of the Directive is therefore necessary.

AUTHORED BY: Working Group 6

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