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Guide on Compliance of Imported ℮-marked Prepackages

November 2017, Issue 1EN


WELMEC Working Group 6 was set up to discuss, and propose solutions for, the problems associated with the trading of ℮-marked prepacked products (herafter called ‘prepackages’) between Member States1. It was decided by the WELMEC Committee2 to provide guidance for Competent Departments3 and economic operators to ensure that imported prepackages comply with legal requirements. This guide is to address all the issues found in the imported prepackages project carried out by WELMEC WG6 in 2011. The intention of this guide is to achieve a uniform level of enforcement and ensure that all prepackages, whether packed in, or imported into, the Community (herafter called ‘Union’4) meet the applicable metrological requirements. 

This guide is part of a series of guides published by WELMEC, which are primarily intended to provide guidance to all those concerned with the application of Directive 76/211/EEC for prepacked products. These guides are intended to lead to a uniform interpretation and enforcement of this directive and assist in the removal of barriers to trade.

AUTHORED BY: Working Group 6

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