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Guide for Conversion of NAWI (Indicators) Test Results for AWI Purposes

May 2012, issue 2EN


The objective of this guide is to supply the background to use results of tests performed on NAWIs based on EN 45501 and OIML R76/2006.

A main prerequisite is that the AWI that is to be approved on these test results is not working dynamically (load in relative motion to the load receptor when being weighed), that is this guide does not cover e.g. checkweighers equipped with conveyors that do not stop for weighing. However, with instruments filling material e.g. in a weighing hopper this guide is applicable, although the material may not be completely at rest when being weighed.

The guide shows principles and, where useful, supplies examples to make necessary calculation more transparent (e.g. for gravimetric filling instruments).

The guide is divided into three chapters:

  1. Automatic catchweighers
  2. Discontinuous totalizers
  3. Automatic gravimetric filling insturments

AUTHORED BY: Working Group 2

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