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Directive 90/384/EEC - Explanation and Interpretation

June 2006, Issue 1ENDEFRRS


This document provides explanation and interpretation in respect of the provisions contained in Council directive 90/384/EEC on non-automatic weighing instruments. It does not provide a systematic treatment of all provisions of the directive, rather deals only with those of the directive’s elements of which experience has shown that further clarification was needed.
The document will assist all interested parties in correctly interpreting and applying this piece of community legislation: Member States of the European Union and Signatories of the Agreement on the European Economic Area, who transposed the directive in their respective national legislations; manufacturers of non-automatic weighing instruments, whether established in the European Economic Area or in third countries; users of non-automatic weighing instruments; consumers.

GUIDE AMENDMENTS: Revision of Document 3.1 (June 1994)

AUTHORED BY: Working Group 2

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