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Guide for the testing of automatic catchweighing instruments - 103Kb

May 2008, issue 3EN


The guide describes the procedures suitable to be used when testing automatic catchweighing instruments. The document is based on the OIML recommendation R51 on automatic catchweighing instruments.
This guide gives additions to, or interpretations of, OIML R51 accepted by WELMEC members. This guide refers also to other WELMEC guides and especially those developed for non-automatic weighing instruments [NAWIs] and the WELMEC Type Approval Agreement. This document also describes the national regulations of some European Countries as far as the requirements influence the acceptance of test results.
This guide is mainly describing instruments with a transport system and front end loaders. Other (Class Y(y)) instruments will be added in a later stage.

AUTHORED BY: Working Group 2

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