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Guide for Examining Software (Weighing Instruments) - 232Kb

May 2005, issue 3ENRS


The EC Directive 90/384/EEC states some essential requirements for the protection against changes, manipulation or fraudulent use of non-automatic weighing instruments (NAWIs) which, in principle, have to be applied also to the software controlling these instruments:
(i) Annex I, No 8.1, Directive 90/384/EEC: Design and construction of the instruments shall be such that the instruments will preserve their metrological qualities when properly used and installed, and when used in an environment for which they are intended...
(ii) Annex I, No 8.5, Directive 90/384/EEC: The instruments shall have no characteristics likely to facilitate fraudulent use, whereas possibilities for unintentional misuse shall be minimal. Components that may not be dismantled or adjusted by the user shall be secured against such actions.
(iii) Annex II, No. 1.7, Directive 90/384/EEC: The applicant shall keep the notified body that has issued the EC type-approval certificate informed of any modification to the approved type...

AUTHORED BY: Working Group 2

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