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Guide for information in the type examination certificate, to be borne by and to be accompanied (or provided) by the markings on the gas meters



For the benefit of manufacturers, and all other interested parties, e.g. Notified Bodies (designated under Annex B, D, F and H1 of the MID), notifying authorities and market surveillance authorities, this document describes a best practise approach relating to the information in the TEC, which is to be borne by and to accompany the gas meter.

This guide does not cover markings necessary under other relevant European Directives, such as but not limited to the ATEX directive, the EMC directive, the low-voltage directive and so on.

Utility companies can also require markings on the gas meters in order to facilitate the management of gas meters installed within the network. This guide does not deal with such markings.
This guide specifies the mandatory inscriptions as required by the MID and a best practise approach for specifying the information in the TEC, to be borne by and to accompany the gas meter that are considered necessary based on an interpretation of the essential requirements.

Alternative approaches may be acceptable, but the guidance provided in this document represents the collective and considered view of WELMEC as to the most appropriate practice to be followed.

AUTHORED BY: Working Group 11

Unless otherwise stated, the English version of each publication should be taken as the official version.

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