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Guide for sealing of Utility meters

May 2012, Issue 1ENRS


For the benefit of manufacturers, and all other interested parties, e.g. notified bodies under annex B, D, F and H1 of the MID, notifying authorities and market surveillance authorities, this document describes a best practise approach to securing utility meters covered under MI-001, MI-002, MI-003 and MI-004 of the MID.

It should be noted that it is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the utility meter to be able to demonstrate the conformity to all applicable requirements of the MID includ-ing conformity to the securing provisions of his utility meters to the requirements of MID.

If specific annexes exist in the MID, which lay down the essential requirements for sub-assemblies, the provisions of this guide shall apply mutatis mutandis to such sub-assemblies as it does for the complete measuring instruments under the MID.

This document is limited to the placing on the market or putting into use of utility meters by the manufacturer or his authorized representative.

If the meter is placed on the market by the manufacturer and the utility meter is installed by an installer, national legislations of the Member States apply. Depending on those national requirements specific action needs to be taken if it is made evident through the securing provisions that changes in the legally relevant parts, parameters or settings of the utility meter has been made.

This guide does not cover those national legislations (see also chapter 3 of this guide).

AUTHORED BY: Working Group 11

Unless otherwise stated, the English version of each publication should be taken as the official version.

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