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For reference purposes only:

Guide on evaluating purely digital ancillary devices (MI-005)

May 2014, issue 1EN


This guide only covers separate purely digital ancillary devices used in measuring instruments for liquids other than water, which are not a self-service device[1] for use with fuel dispensers and takes no part in the determination of the measuring value of the MI. This excludes for example but not limited to, calculator/indicator and conversion devices[2].
By purely digital is meant that the electronic device only performs digital functions and provides a digitized output or display.
The fact that the digital ancillary device should only "perform digital functions" means that the device does not have analogue inputs and does not include time dependant data acquisition for the measurement and thus that the disconnection of the device during the measurement does not impact the measurement results.

[1] The purely digital self-service device for fuel dispensers is covered by WELMEC guide 10.7
[2] Electronic Calculators with Conversion Function and Conversion Devices are covered by WELMEC guide 10.4

NOTES: This guide is withdrawn and for reference purposes only. This guide is superseded by WELMEC guide 10.10.

AUTHORED BY: Working Group 10

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