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For reference purposes only:

Guide on evaluating purely digital self-service devices for direct sales to the public

May 2011, issue 1EN


Measuring instruments for liquids other than water (MI) are often constructed from typical parts, such as gas separators, measurement transducers, electronic calculating / indicating devices and self-service devices, produced by different Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), in this document referred to as “producers”. This document provides a guide for evaluating purely digital self-service devices (SSD) for direct sales to the public. The digital SSD as defined under this guide is not  required to ensure correct measurement or intended to facilitate the measuring operations, or could not in any way affect the measurement.Note: The general and administrative aspects of the voluntary system of modular evaluation of measuring instrument are given in WELMEC guide 8.8.This guide states that for an Evaluation Certificate (EC) or Part Certificate (PC) to be issued a test institute only has to perform the functional and software tests on purely digital SSD under the following conditions:

  • The hardware of the SSD bears the CE-mark;
  • The purely digital SSD does not include the power supply for the MI;
  • The price calculation is performed by the fuel dispenser.

If these conditions are not met the SSD cannot be evaluated according to this guide.If during evaluation it is also established that not all of the checking facilities are present then an EC or PC under this guide cannot be issued.

NOTES: This guide is withdrawn and for reference purposes only. This guide is superseded by WELMEC guide 10.10.

AUTHORED BY: Working Group 10

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