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Guide for Common Application of MID MI-005 and OIML R 117-1, (R 81, R 80, R 139)



This document is intended to provide guidance to all those concerned with the application of MID Annex MI-005 and/or OIML International Recommendation R 117-1 'Dynamic Measuring Systems for Liquids other than Water'.

This document provides a record of the continuing work of WELMEC Working Group 10 in the area of the common application of MID MI-005 and/or OIML R 117-1 itself and in addition seeks to provide information, which is specific to individual member countries.

Some of the decisions made, were based on the R 117 (1995). Where applicable, reference to the OIML R 117 (1995) articles is presented in strikethrough font and reference to the R 117-1 (2007) article has been added in regular font.

This document is one of Guides published by WELMEC to provide guidance to manufacturers of measuring instruments and to bodies responsible for conformity assessment of their products. The Guides are purely advisory and do not themselves impose any restrictions or additional technical requirements beyond those contained in OIML International Recommendation R 117. Alternative approaches may be acceptable, but the guidance provided in this document represents the considered view of WELMEC as to the best practice to be followed.

AUTHORED BY: Working Group 10

Unless otherwise stated, the English version of each publication should be taken as the official version.

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